Switching Transport Supplier - top tips to avoid the bad & the ugly

11/26/2018 | Travel Connect

As the saying goes; “If it’s not broke don’t fix it…” You’ve been working with the same group of suppliers for years, you know the teams, you know the level of service to expect, there’s no real reason to move is there? Okay, there are a few things you feel could be done better, but let’s face it, your endless list of jobs to turn your event from an on-paper plan to a live production is increasing by the day, so you’ll happily let a few “small” things slide, just to get your event across the line, right?

We’ve all done it, sticking with the status quo that is, as the thought of having to change suppliers is daunting and feels like a hugely time-consuming task to add to the “to do list”. But the reality is that changing supplier can significantly improve efficiencies in the long run.  Not only can you save on cost, but you can save on time. 

Money is usually a key motivator for change and if you’ve been using the same transport supplier for years you may not have taken the time to realise how much money you could be saving by going elsewhere! When was the last time you competitively quoted for the transport services for your event? It might be as long as a year or two, or it may even only have been a few months ago, but it’s always a good idea to keep things competitive. With frequent changes in the marketplace, you could be saving hundreds if not thousands on each event.

And when was the last time you really stopped to think about the level of service you were getting from your current supplier?  Changing supplier for any kind of event service is a big step, especially if you don’t feel there is anything in particular wrong with the service you currently have. It can feel like a risk and often one you’re not willing to take, particularly when you look at the time you need to invest and if you’re not overly unhappy with your current service provision. However, sometimes it’s not about what you’re not getting, it’s about not knowing what else you could be getting!

Here are some thoughts from us on what you should look out for if you’re thinking of changing transport provider:

Get quotes. Don’t stick to one supplier for every event. Make sure you get a competitive quote for each event you work on, even if you’ve recently gone to tender it’s still worthwhile. Some areas have more suppliers than others, meaning prices are often more competitive, you could literally save thousands of pounds by getting quotes from a number of suppliers, leaving you with more money to spend in other deliverables for your event

Do your homework. Don’t always stick to what you’ve done in the past. Technology improvements, service support, vehicle standards, management provision, customer service; these are all things you should consider when looking at potential transport providers. Like any supplier services, transport providers are no different everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, it’s just a case of finding one which ticks all the boxes for your event. Find out what new additions to the transport services for your event are out there, make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve and working with “best in class”. Check out their recommendations, testimonials, case studies. What other credentials do they have that sets them apart from their competitors? Find these things out. It doesn’t take as long as you might think and investing an hour of your time at the start could benefit you in the long run.

Planning. Don’t leave transport planning to the last minute. With so many transport providers out there, you’ll never be stuck without vehicles for your event- right? It might seem like its straightforward, but that’s not always the case. Yes, of course, you’ll get transport for your event, but getting the right transport partner is an important part. Working alongside your transport service provider from the start of the planning process really does make everyone’s life a lot easier. Planning together, building a contingency plan/s, developing a crisis strategy all these things if they are planned at the start of an event can save not only hours of time, but lots of money. So, getting in front of your transport management team before you appoint them, making sure they know their stuff is vital. So make sure you leave plenty of time to do this at the start of any event planning processes.

The key thing is to make sure you’ve got the right team by your side to make sure everything runs smoothly. At Event Connect, you might not have worked with us before, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have experience. In fact, the experience is something we have in abundance, with our first-class team of experts having managed event transport for both world-class national events and small regional events for decades, so we know how to deliver the best service for our customers. We know that no two events are the same, so we never treat them like they are. We’ll work with you from the very start to scope out the best transport solution for your event, identifying issues and opportunities to ensure cost savings and delivery of the best possible services for you and your attendees. We value preparation and often work as an extension of your in-house team, taking the time to understand what works for you and what doesn’t.  And as part of the Abellio Group, we are one of the biggest transport providers within the UK giving us buying power. It’s this buying power which allows us to get the most competitive rates in the industry. 

Find out more about our fleets of vehicles across the UK and our 24-hour event control centre or simply how we can provide you with a competitive and tangible transport for your event.

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