As tourism recovers, how will Travel Operators handle demand?

5/26/2022 | Travel Connect

As Tourism recovers, how will travel operators handle demand?

Currently, being a Tour Group Operator is a big ask, more so than it’s ever been, due to the predicted surge in the numbers of travellers getting ready to pack their suitcases.

As part of the Tourism industry recovery, fuelled by Government support measures, 126 million new jobs are predicted over the next decade, with one in three of all new jobs to be connected to the travel industry.

The question is: how will the Tourism industry meet the pressures of what’s to come?

Announced Tourism recovery measures and investment 

In Scotland, in March 2021, the First Minister announced the new £25 million tourism recovery programme, developed by the Scottish Tourism Emergency Response Group (STERG) in collaboration with members of the Tourism Task Force, containing measures designed to fuel recovery in the short, medium and long terms. 

And the UK Government has announced a significant package of aid for the industry, with £19 million for domestic and international marketing activity alone, and a £5.5 million domestic campaign already underway.

Tourism one of the hardest hit sectors during the pandemic

Described as one of “the hardest hit sectors by COVID-19”in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, Tourism Recovery Plan, the industry has seen inbound flight arrivals down by 90% for over a year, compared to 2019 levels, hotel occupancy rates a fraction of what they were and complete closing of the sector for at least six out of a 12-month period.

Recent challenges have been complex

As lockdowns eased, the surge in demand came quickly for breaks, staycations, trips and days out from home, pushing UK tourist and travel destinations to their limits in every conceivable way, in every corner of the nation.

The industry struggled for, and lost, staff due to COVID-19, and many workers felt they wanted to leave an industry that was unstable: open-one-minute, closed-the-next. Added to that, destinations had the added pressure of infrastructure changes to meet Track and Trace, and social distancing, requirements.

Is the Tourism industry ready?

There are measures coming, designed to help: a national, industry led, training and skills development programme, designed to motivate and develop top talent; and a voucher scheme to help families on low incomes take a holiday - just two of the proposed measures. But will these deliver the capability required as the season opens in 2022?

Tour operators still need to meet and exceed holidaymakers’ expectations while the industry is on its journey towards stability.

We can help tour operators now

Travel Connect can help to support tour group operators from the get-go. At this time, when there are significant instabilities in internal resource and supplier costs, it’s good to know that all aspects of tourist travel can at least be relied upon.

We’ll transport your happy holidaymakers

It’s true. We are the UK’s leading provider of tour group transport. From multi-city week long tours and day tours, to station transfer and luxury travel, our buying power for transport, and knowledge of local and regional networks, ensures not only a high-quality, safe and professional service that’s fully managed, but delivers savings straightaway.

We’ll go further

Partner with us as your tour group travel provider for the entire season and we’ll deliver a 20% saving. Why? Because it’s in all our interest to support the industry and we want to play our part in helping to make the UK a premium destination.

By building capacity, you’re building for the future

There’s a lot to focus on right now while Tourism gets on its feet, even with the Government measures of support. Operators that don’t prepare now for the rise in numbers of travellers expected may miss the opportunity to recoup losses during the pandemic.

Tourism experts believe by focusing on building capacity, investing in innovation and revisiting and revising their approach, tour operators can gain value, exceed customers’ needs and better ensure future growth. 

Hand customers’ travel needs over to us so you can concentrate on the future

Rapid delivery and implementation of cost-effective reliable tours, holiday and leisure travel across the UK, via our extensive network of suppliers is fully managed, including staffing, so you’ll be totally free of solving travel-related problems. And you’ll have the reassurance you are partnering with experienced, professional ground transport experts, with the ability to handle flexible bookings of anything from multi-destination tours from two to ten days, to one-day and private tours, and airport shuttle services.

We know you need a stable operation, and while demand is likely to be exceptionally high going forward, there’s a lot we can do to ease the pressure and support you.

For further information get in touch!


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