The shape of Corporate Travel post Pandemic

6/9/2022 | Travel Connect

The shape of corporate travel post pandemic

As leisure travel booms and people take to the roads to enjoy holidays as well as meeting friends and family, the corporate travel picture isn’t far behind.

Lack of dynamism for businesses

Virtual meetings have been all well and good over the last two years, but businesses and corporations have lacked the dynamism, energy and innovation they enjoy that comes from actually being in the same room together.

Workers glad to say goodbye to “Zoom-fatigue”

The effects of enforced home-working and endless virtual meetings are well-documented. As people increasingly seek meaning and purpose from their work, resigning from positions where they don’t get this, it becomes more important than ever for corporates to facilitate in-person meetings, conferences and events, or risk employees’ Zoom-fatigue.

As we were allowed to meet and collaborate less in person during the pandemic, workers and professionals alike reported the effect of enforced lone working had on them, missing the real-life energy of being in the same room with colleagues, customers and contacts.

In 2021, Microsoft Work Labs reported that time spent in Microsoft Teams had doubled over 12 months, with “digital intensity” leaving many employees feeling exhausted and unenthused.

“When you lose connections, you stop innovating”

Dr Nancy Baym, Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft, says it’s harder for companies to generate new ideas and businesses risk “groupthink” and the lack of advantages that come from decreased innovation. A recent Microsoft mass-survey reported that 43% of remote workers do not feel included in online meetings, revealing how the lack of human interaction affects us.

The link between meeting in person and innovation

While analysis of billions of Outlook emails and Microsoft Teams meetings reveal interactions with close networks increased during remote working, more distant, broader networks have suffered and companies have become increasingly siloed.

Experts point to the fact that between 60 to 80 percent of our communication as human beings is non-verbal and that we miss expressing ourselves in these non-verbal ways, such as hand gestures, facial expressions and body movement. While we can see some of these non-verbal signs on screen, the potential for deeper, personal connection is mostly lost, and along with it, the innovation opportunities that come from these connections and more meaningful interaction.

We’re ready to meet up

The report by Bramcote International and the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO), makes it very clear, that 93% of respondents miss networking, social interaction, and meeting people, and that 75% happy to attend in-person events if they are fully vaccinated.

It’s little wonder then that 2022 is termed ‘the year of the meet-up’.

Increased cost of events

The year of the meet-up is not tipped to come cheaply however. As operating costs soar for hospitality venues, costs will be passed on, in-part, to clients, with 15% of hospitality venues planning to increase prices by over 20%.

Travel for corporates needs to be cost-effective

We understand the pressures facing corporates and businesses. The need to innovate, stay connected and encourage feel-good travel and events for employees. But with rising costs for such events, it will help if the travel element is as cost-effective as it can be.

Corporate travel partner

A travel partner is a provider who helps your organisation get ahead despite the pressures you face. That’s why we’ve thought about our offer for corporate travel, providing the benefits to ease potential pain points.

Don’t pay for dead mileage

With Travel Connect, whether it’s shuttle services, or complex transport arrangements for large-scale events, you’ll never pay for dead mileage with our coverage of local providers throughout the UK.

You’ll only ever pay the cost of your actual travel, which is always going to be extremely competitively priced, due to the buying power of our organisation – a benefit passed straight onto our clients.

Arrangements done in our time not yours

You won’t need to waste precious time on travel arrangements, planning contingencies and connections, because we do all that for you within our regional operation room,

First-class, luxury transport serves your reputation well

High-quality transport can be provided cost-effectively due to the buying power of our group and network of providers. Not only is this a valued benefit for your employees, it will provide an impressive travel experience for your guests, colleagues and associates that will reflect well on your organisation.

As we emerge into the year of the meet-up and beyond, Travel Connect is here for you with business-enhancing benefits to keep you innovating, energised and meeting-up safely, now and into the future. 

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