How we use data and technology to keep you moving

17/04/2019 | Travel Connect

Seems like these days we’re always hearing about Big Data and how it’s changing the world around us. From online shopping to social media to streaming services, organisations are using customer data to provide the best service possible for their consumers. But what about in the events industry? 

More and more, event organisers are using Big Data to create more exciting, personalised experiences for their guests and it doesn’t stop there. Big Data has a huge impact on transport arrangements as well, GPS tracking, customer signage, transport updates and access to information, the inputs keeping transport on schedule and keeping passengers up to date all rely on Big Data.

We provide transport for events across the UK from conferences to excursions you name it we’ve done it! We also provide transport for the tourism industry for business travel and for conventions. Working with so many businesses across so many different industries, you might wonder how we’ve managed to create a system that can handle such varied requirements. Well, the answer is simple, we haven’t. 

Every day our clients come to us with complex transport requirements which require speedy innovative technology solutions, so instead of trying to be everything to everyone, we’ve opted for a modular system and technology which can be tailored to our clients and their bespoke requirements. Our technology partners are not only experts in their field, but they also have significant experience in the transport industry so they understand our market and they understand our client’s requirements. The difference this makes to our clients is immeasurable, with the expertise of the team, we can quickly respond to their requirements and provide solutions which are not one size fits all.  

From an operational perspective we’re constantly making use of the data we gather to create a better experience for our clients. Back in 2016, we launched our new system which takes all of our planned data and presents it to our 24-hour Control Rooms allowing the teams to quickly access information about vehicles, see driver and operator details and to view our vehicle tracking and on-site coordinator information quickly. The system is all web based which means we can offer this service to all of our clients even in the field. 

One of the key questions we get from clients is around vehicle tracking, many have had negative experiences in the past and want to know more about our system. A lot of service providers use an app to track their vehicles, which is fine – as long as the driver is logged in and their phone has signal. Our solution uses a multi-network SIM card to maximise coverage, even in areas where signal is traditionally patchy and doesn’t rely on the driver. We have two service options for larger and smaller companies, both of which give us effective and cost-efficient solutions which can be deployed to any vehicle, regardless of age or size. 

We love the benefits of Big Data and we love how it allows us to stay ahead of the curve when we integrate it with our technology, but most of all we love how this benefits our clients.  Our specialism is being able to use our industry and technology expertise to provide a tailored service for our clients. You might say it’s our super power, but don’t worry we only use it for good!

Do you need to organise or manage transport as part of your role? If you want to know more about how data and technology can help to make your life a bit easier, get in touch today and speak to a member of our team. 

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